In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Royal Decree 994/199 of June 11 that approved the Implementing Regulations on Safety Measures to be applied to the Automated Files containing Personal Data and other applicable legislation, COPILEX LEGAL S.L. hereby conveys to the Users of its Services the contents of the provisions governing the legal aspects of the privacy of On Line services in order to allow users to assess whether they wish to communicate to COPILEX LEGAL SL their personal data through the automated forms intended to register at the Copilex Web Site and subscribe to the Services of Copilex Legal SL. Offered through the Web

Users agree that Copilex Legal SL shall be authorized to manage their Personal Data pursuant to the terms of the present Privacy Policy.

Rights of users on their Personal Data.

Users can exercise their right of access, cancellation, amendment and objection to said management, use and assignment of their data by notice addressed by e-mail with valid electronic (digital) signature to or by registered mail to Copilex Legal SL , c/ Velázquez 80, 4to Izda, 28001, Madrid (Spain) enclosing copy of the user’s Identification document. Likewise, the User may exercise his/her rights to be informed about the goals for which the management of his/her personal Data is requested by Copilex Legal SL and the assignment of such data to third parties that may cooperate with Copilex Legal SL.

Confidentiality of the Personal Data to be managed through automated processes:

Copilex Legal SL guarantees that all personal data provided by users shall be managed in accordance with the current regulations on the Protection of Personal Data (Organic Law 15/99, of December 13, Royal Decree 994/199 of June 11 that approved the Implementing regulations on Safety Measures to be applied to the Automated Files containing Personal Data and other applicable legislation). Copilex Legal SL shall implement and maintain the safety levels required for the protection of users’ Personal Data by installing and maintaining all technical means available to Copilex Legal SL to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, non authorized Access and theft of Personal Data of its users. Personal data shall be collected through automated procedures and added to relevant automated files. Copilex Legal SL shall furnish users with access to the technical resources allowing users to become acquainted with Copilex Privacy Procedures or any other pertinent information, so that they can consent to the management of the personal data.

Copilex Legal SL reserves the right to amend this present policy in order to adjust it to new legislative procedures or requirements as well as new practices that may be implemented in the industry, but always taking into consideration the legitimate rights of consumers and users. Certain services rendered through the Web site may have specific requirements with regard to the protection of Personal Data.

Intended goals of the automated management of Personal Data:

The automated collection and management of personal data either through the Web, consultation or subscription to any Service offered by Copilex Legal SL is aimed at (i) Managing the contractual relationship between the parties as well as the rendering, expansion and improvement of the services to which the user may be subscribed and to adjust such services to the preferences of users; and (ii) using the traditional ways of communication prevailing in the Information and Communication Society to make available to users information related specifically to the registration of subscribers and general information about products or services offered by Copilex Legal SL or third parties that may cooperate with the company.

Providing the information identified with an asterisk (*) in the registration and other forms is mandatory In no event shall Copilex Legal SL use the users’ personal data for goals different from those mentioned above except for such situations duly identified on the Web site and subject to giving users’ a reasonable term to object and rectify. User shall be entitled to decline receiving advertising materials or offers of services by filling the relevant boxes in the Registration Forms provided by Copilex Legal SL

Copilex Legal SL has no responsibility for banners placed on its Web site (other than posting them) or the contents thereof that may relate to services of third parties not rendered by Copilex Legal SL

Assignment of Personal Data to third parties.

Copilex Legal SL shall not assign the Personal Data that it may collect from users through the Web site except with the specific approval of the relevant user, who will be given an opportunity to accept or decline such assignment. Copilex Legal SL shall expressly inform the users that may have specifically asked to be informed about such assignments by disclosing the identity of the assignees and the purposes of the assignment of the personal data. Copilex Legal SL will be available to clarify any aspect of this matter through e-mail addressed to Users shall be duly warned of any situation where the personal data of the user may have to be shared (or not) with third parties pursuant to additional services to which the user may have susbcribed.

The user specifically consents that users’ personal data are disclosed in any situation where Copilex Legal SL is required to do so by order of the competent administrative or judicial authorities.

Copilex Legal SL shall lodge the personal data of all its users in servers located in Spain. Such data shall be downloaded, stored and subsequently managed by Copilex Legal SL pursuant to the requirements of Organic Law 15/99, of December 13, Royal Decree 994/199 of June 11 that approved the Implementing regulations on Safety Measures to be applied to the Automated Files containing Personal Data and other applicable legislation.
The name of the file storing the users’ personal data shall be named “Clientes Copilex Legal SL ”. Such file that is owned by COPILEX LEGAL SL and registered at the General Register of Personal Data of the Spanish Data Protection Agency with a view to manage the technical and legal documentation to communicate with its clients.
The interested parties shall be entitled to exercise their right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose to the management of their personal data by written communication delivered to COPILEX LEGAL SL, at C/ Velázquez 80, 4to Izda 28001 Madrid (España – Spain) or by electronic mail with legitimate electronic (digital) signature and copy of the corresponding identification documents of the party to